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c.p. 2003

Price: $15.00 + $3.00 S/H 

This is music with an edge and a spirit. You will be moved, stirred, provoked and touched deeply by these original songs and lyrics. The richly textured vocals and sensitive harmonies will take you on an emotional ride. You will laugh, cry, think, and remember that you are part of a people capable of doing great things.


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  1. Enough  Play 
  2. Move  Play 
  3. The Great "I AM"  Play 
  4. Beautiful Girl  Play 
  5. My Song  Play 
  6. Slippin' Away  Play 
  7. Corner of My Heart  Play 
  8. Heart Time  Play 
  9. Explain That to a Child  Play 
  10. Turn Around  Play 
  11. Ridiculous Strange  Play 
  12. Still Not a Woman on the Wall  Play 
  13. We the People  Play 

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